International Summer Festival

Polyfollia presents the International Summer festival for choirs and vocal ensembles

More than 100 artists and 4 exceptional ensembles to discover – or rediscover – in the course of this summer’s festival.

Two prestigious big choirs – children’s voices and adult voices – both musical ambassadors for their respective countries. And two small, original vocal ensembles to delight and surprise you.

For good measure, a fascinating journey through Europe, from Finnish forests to fertile plains in Ukraine, from steppes in Hungary to mountains in Spain. Above all a superb musical excursion : from Nordic folk songs to Hungarian dances, from orthodox Slav music to songs from the Pyrenees, from the purest ancient music to the most breathtaking contemporary repertoire, with some detours via music just for fun.

So, we try, once again, to feed your appetite for polyphonie by offering you a rare menu, with varied textures, colours, flavours, for your greatest listening pleasure. Don’t hesitate to consume without moderation and in every corner of our lovely Normandy.

I promise: it’s bliss!

tapiola.jpg oreya.jpg
Tapiola Choir, Finlande Oreya, Ukraine
cantemus.jpg kea.jpg
Cantemus, Hongrie Kea, Espagne

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