Polyfollia 2012, October 30th to November 4th

Sharing musical identities

Too often today, the voices and musical traditions of divergent populations are being censored and suppressed by the repressive regimes of political and religious despots.

More than ever before, the world’s salesmen are reducing music to a product – bland offerings of “aural wallpaper” – which can be easily sold for use in TV programmes, hotel lobbies and lifts throughout the planet.

Fortunately, today’s communication technology makes it easier than ever for the voices of the world to share, beyond national frontiers, their own resonant musical signatures: those individual blends of timbres which make us appreciate the singular sensations of other cultures through the vocal colour of their choral ensembles.

National musical identities are the different coins of a common currency, a universal treasury which is constantly enriched by the creativity of new artistes. Here are 14 of them, from all four corners of the globe. Welcome to Polyfollia 2012 !

On behalf of the whole team
Jacques VANHERLE, President & Artistic Director


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